Alpha 1.0

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Released: Apr 13, 2009
Updated: Apr 13, 2009 by DanielSchaffer
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Example .NET Facebook API Client Alpha v1.0 -
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Application .NET Facebook API Client Alpha v1.0 -
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Documentation .NET Facebook API Client Alpha v1.0 -
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Release Notes

This is the first of several alpha test releases of the .NET Facebook API Client.

Tested and/or working demonstrations:

Client Generator

  • Automatically generate client objects and methods based on the Facebook API XML schema and wiki documentation
  • Provide a configuration to explicitly exclude or define specific methods and/or overloads
  • Allow generated types to compile alongside hand-coded types using partial classes
  • Automatic inclusion of generated types in the Facebook project file

Client Framework

  • Provide a framework for generating and sending requests to the Facebook API and properly handling and processing the response
  • Include integrated support for the Batching API
  • Allow all fb-sig parameters to be easily accessible
  • Painless abstraction for managing Feed template bundles

API Client

  • Admin
    • Admin.getAllocation
    • Admin.getAppProperties (pending bug fix from Facebook API team)
    • Admin.getMetrics
  • Application
    • Application.GetPublicInfo
  • Auth
    • Auth.createToken
    • Auth.getSession
    • Auth.revokeAuthorization
    • Auth.revokeExtendedPermission
  • Feed
    • Feed.getRegisteredTemplateBundleByID
    • Feed.getRegisteredTemplateBundles
    • Feed.publishUserAction
    • Feed.registerTemplateBundle
  • Fql
    • Fql.query (including overloads for returning XML, JSON or a strongly-typed object)
  • Links
    • Links.get (pending bug fix from Facebook API team)
  • LiveMessage
    • LiveMessage.send
  • Notes
    • Notes.create
  • Notifications
    • Notifications.get
    • Notifications.send
    • Notifications.sendEmail
  • Status
    • Status.get (pending bug fix from Facebook API team)
    • Status.getByUid
    • Status.set
  • Users
    • Users.getInfo
    • Users.getLoggedInUser
    • Users.hasAppPermission

ASP.NET Support

  • Automatic FormsAuthentication based off the Facebook session
  • Access to Facebook data via FacebookControl, FacebookMasterPage and FacebookPage
  • if-is-app-user/else server controls
  • Limited support for ASP.NET Membership via FacebookMembershipProvider


  • Access to Facebook data via FacebookUserControl, FacebookViewPage, FacebookViewMasterPage
  • Automatic Feed form generation using a friendly name
  • Automatic handling of POSTs from Feed forms
  • Abstractions for rendering links that require a Facebook session and/or extended permissions

Available, but not tested - YMMV:

Client Framework

  • Execute and handle API methods asynchronously

API Client

  • Admin.* methods not listed above
  • Auth.* methods not listed above
  • Comments.* methods
  • Connect.* methods
  • Data.* methods
  • Events.* methods
  • Fbml.* methods
  • Friends.* methods
  • Groups.* methods
  • Notes
    • Notes.get
    • Notes.delete
    • Notes.edit
  • Pages.* methods
  • Photos.* methods
  • Profile.* methods
  • Users.get/setStatus (these are deprecated, use methods on StatusController instead)

Not available, or not likely to work (but coming in a future release)

Client Framework

  • Serve methods for non-canvas page requests

Client API

  • Video.* methods
  • Asynchronous versions of all API methods

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